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Dooga Waalitj Healing

Dooga Waalitj Healing is an Aboriginal owned and managed business working on Nyungar Boodja. Dooga Waalitj is a Nyungar word meaning Dusty Black Eagle. We specialise in providing Consultancy services, Cultural Healing, Cultural Supervision, Welcome to County and Smoking Ceremonies. We offer unique services to create opportunities for Cultural development and growth through our Consultancy Services.  We can tailor our services to suit your needs. Dooga Waalitj Healing is committed to improving the outcomes of Aboriginal people and community to be solid and strong. 

Our Ser​vices


Consultancy  Services

Dooga Waalitj Healing offers a range of consultancy services tailored to support you or your organisations needs. We offer unique services to create opportunities for Cultural development and growth; mediate and support to build partnerships across Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal community and drive capacity building opportunities. 

 We can tailor our services to suit your needs.

Cultural Supervision

Dooga Waalitj Healing can provide confidential and culturally safe Cultural Supervision to both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people. Cultural supervision and support for Aboriginal employees can directly impact positively on job satisfaction and burn-out by promoting professional and personal growth. Whereas, Cultural Supervision encourages Non-Aboriginal employees to maintain their capability to be reflective about their work practice and relationship with Aboriginal people and communities in order to support building and maintaining a culturally safe and secure workplace. 

Cultural Awareness 

It is important to be aware of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture, history and experiences if you are to work in a culturally informed way. Dooga Waalitj Healing offers support to organisations who want to better support and understand Aboriginal Culture through Kaartdijin (knowledge). Our training aims to test and challenge ones Kaartdijin and build a greater understanding of intergenerational trauma and the effects of colonisation. Our training will encourage participants to develop a more respectful understanding of Aboriginal ways of being.

Welcome to Country

Welcome to Country ceremonies are an acknowledgement and recognition of the rights of the Nyungar Peoples to Nyungar Land. This acknowledgement is undertaken by a Nyungar Elder who pays respect to the traditional custodians, ancestors and continuing cultural, spiritual and religious practices of Nyungar people. Our Welcome to Country ceremonies can be conducted on Wudjuk or Balardong Country by a Nyungar Elder from Dooga Waalitj Healing.

Smoking Ceremony

A Smoking Ceremony is performed by a Nyungar Elder. It is a recognition of starting new and acknowledging past Elders and community members. The Smoking Ceremony is for spiritual and physical cleansing, as well as the ability to ward off bad spirits. Our Smoking Ceremonies can be conducted on Wudjuk and Balardong Country.

Contacting Dooga Waalitj Healing


Providing services on Nyungar Country 


Ph: 0432 349 145

Dooga Waalitj Healing respectfully acknowledges the traditional owners of the land and waters we live and work and pays our deepest respect 

to our Elders, past and present. I dedicate my being to my ancestors who have come before me. 

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